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Help a furry friend...Foster a Feline

Though a few of the cats in the rescue shelter are potential adoptees, the majority of the cats are considered permanent residents who will live out their days under Judith's care. They are handicapped by age, physical defects, or medical problems.

Another way to personally assist in this valuable rescue program is to sponsor a cat for a small monthly donation though the Foster Feline Program. The sponsor will receive the cat's photo, general information and periodic updates by mail on the cat.

Donations of bags of pet food, kitty litter, winter blankets, toys, dishes, etc. are most welcome in lieu of your monetary contributions.

Your tax-deductible, 501(c)3, donations or gifts toward any aspect of this service will be very deeply appreciated.

For more information, please contact:
Animal Helpline P.O. Box 944 Morongo Valley CA 92256 or by phone 760-363-6511