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Animal Helpline's Pledge

To each one who enters here
Older or handicapped-but still dear,
I give my admiration and praise
And vow to keep them
for the rest of their days.

They deserve that extra caring
And peacefulness, they're sharing.
Being old is not a crime
And by the Grace of God,
they'll die in His time.

It's true they'll love a sheltered life
But one full of love without strife.
And when their lives come to an end
Each one will have become
my own special friend.

They will never be forgotten
They can never be replaced.
It will take quite awhile
To fill their empty space.

My caring must go on
As long as I'm alive.
It is for these special creatures
That all my efforts strive.

And when my life on earth is done
And He calls me up above,
I'll know I've done my very best
For those of who I love.

~Judith Lindley~
1990 all rights reserved