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Animal Helpline is an incorporated non-profit organization run entirely on donations of people who love animals just like it's Founder and President, Judith Lindley. Animal Helpline offers sanctuary to older or handicapped cats, as a no-kill shelter and retirement home. It is located in Morongo Valley California, and phone services are available free to the local area. This free service began in 1979 as easy phone-in help for people with pet problems. On the hotline, Judith lists lost and found, offers minor first aid advice, pet placement, and help referrals to other organizations or veterinarians.

In addition to these services, more than 1,500 cats have found shelter with Judith since 1979. Old cats may retire in comfort. The handicapped can relax with plenty of food and loving, daily attention. But cats are not the only animals brought to Judith's safe haven. Thirty dogs have lived 'on locations' at Animal Helpline over the years; canine numbers are small because kennel facilities are limited. In addition, a wide variety of farm animals live on the premises. Any healthy animal that is transported to Judith at home in Morongo Valley will be warmly received-even from out of state! The grounds at the shelter are open daily for visits, picnics, and tours.

Expansion and completion of the shelter are ongoing, but are possible only through the continuing tax deductible donations by Helpline's friends. The shelter is run from every angle entirely by Judith and her family, keeping the operating costs at a minimum. All food for the animals' veterinarian-approved diet and other necessities depend on monthly gifts and sponsorships; when the donation fund is depleted, she dips into her own pocket in order to provide for all the animals.

For more information, please contact:
Animal Helpline P.O. Box 944 Morongo Valley CA 92256 or by phone 760-363-6511